In order for SEAMLESS to develop a useful, up to date policy tool for integrated assessment of agricultural and environmental policies the communication with users, stakeholders and the general public is of major importance. The engagements with the public include activities aiming at spreading awareness and knowledge and at exploring the wider social implications of the proposed work.


A Demo of SEAMLESS-IF is given here.


Prime users of SEAMLESS Integrated Framework are the Directorates General (DG Agriculture, Environment and Economics and Finances) of the European Commission, the JRC and the European Environment Agency (EEA) and we also aim at making the tool useful for national/regional policy making agencies, farmerís organizations (e.g. COPA) and NGOs. A third important future user group we aim at is the scientific community. In order to learn about the needs of these potential user groups, a key objective in the SEAMLESS project is to involve users in the development of the tools from the very beginning of the project. 

The activities related to the dissemination of knowledge during the first year of the project can principally be categorized under the headlines of (a) user meetings and User forum, (b) press items, (c) course activities, (d) presentations at scientific conferences and meetings, (e) newsletter, (f) publishable output and (g) SEAMLESS website.