Concluding remarks

Icône de l'outil pédagogique Concluding remarks
Impact assessment is at the core of European policy making and has an aim that is wider than merely to provide a knowledge base for political decision making. It is also a tool for a political communication process and better regulation in Europe. Although SEAMLESS-IF is a relatively complex tool, much effort has been put into developing a user friendly Graphical User Interface which should allow researchers and policy makers to interact and assess policies reducing possible obstacles created in the three above mentioned areas. Assessment tools cannot only be regarded as technical/scientific applications but also as tools for communication between science and policy (Bäcklund et al. 2009). As a consequence when working as a modeler or a scients assisting in a model aided policy development it is therefore crucial to bear in mind the potential conflicts and dilemmas that may occur. To improve the usability of these types of tools it is essential that model users increase their understanding of the social and institutional dynamic and conflicting interests and cultures of policy developers by categorising the potential dilemmas in three categories, credibility, Salience and Legitimicy is a start to increase this awareness.

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