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How to connect to the SEAMLESS database


    You can access the SEAMLESS database using PGadminIII, SQLmanager or something similar: PGadmin is a free tool that can be downloaded from: .

    For PGadminIII: (can vary a little between versions, here 1.10.1 is used)

    Choose "add server" in the file menu and fill in:


    So this should look like this:


    This should get you connected to the server, where you can choose the database named seamdb_standalone. If for some reason you cannot connect please send an email to:

    Basic PGadmin I: To have a look at the data:

    In the object browser window you open: seamdb_standalone > schemas > public > tables.

    You now see a list of all the tables in the database. If you right click on a table and choose view data you can explore the data. Or click on the button looking like a table in the tools line.

    Basic PGadmin II: To export data:

    The options to export data from PGadmin are not advanced, thus you can only get txt files.

    Select the query tool in the tools menu. Write a SQL statement in the upper left window: "SELECT * FROM tablename" will select all records in a table. 

    Choose "export" in the file menu of the query tool window and specify the txt format.

    It is also possible, both in the query tool results and in the table views to simply select and copy records to be pasted into for example Calc or Excel.


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